Rank Group Co., Ltd

The company was established 25 years ago by Mr.Jatupol Longjoirnpibul who is director. And is an authorized Canon dealer, which provides copier and fax machines for customers in Thailand’s eastern provinces including Chonburi, Chacherngsao, Rayong, Chantaburi and Trad.





  • "MAINTENANCE Rank Group (Authorized Canon dealer in the east) Welcome to maintenance services for the best response your pleased by responsible for maintenance services through always copier working and support products working by services to be “Total Guarantee”"

  • "Outstanding Dealer Performance From CanonSince its inception, Rank Group has maintained a ‘fast service’ policy which is the major reason for their customers’ satisfaction. Mr. Jatupol said that the combination of Canon’s strong brand name and their company’s fast service policy are the main factors accountable for their high sales volume. Unlike other Canon dealers, Rank Group sells only Canon products. .

  • "CONSULTING To maintain the competitive edge you need to keep abreast of issues and opportunities but the rapid pace of change in information technology makes it hard to keep up. Rank is the perfect guiding hand in a business landscape that is constantly shifting."

  • "MANAGED PRINT Rank Managed Print Services allow you to take control of your print operations and stop these costs escalating. What’s more, they can help improve your operational efficiency, meet compliance targets and reduce your carbon footprint."